Gino Hollander

Born8/4/1924 to 8/27/2015
1942-1945US Army Ski Troops
1950-1960Noted Film Director and Documentary maker, New York City “I just couldn’t get close, nor alone enough with self expression as a film maker…I turned self trained to painting for what I thought was its unlimited potential for emotional expression…today, 39 full years later, I feel even stronger, that I have achieved what I want out of and for my paintings…its emotional expression to me and for the viewer, each hopefully, in his/her own very personal way.”
1960-1962Studio and the first Hollander Gallery, Bleeker Street in Greenwich in N.Y.C.
1962Moved with family and 5 young children to Southern Spain.
1963-1990Numerous one-man shows in Europe…England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. During those thirty years while living and working in Spain, Gino’s art was also handled by the following Hollander Galleries.
1962-1990Marbella, Spain
1961-1969Bleeker Street, Greenwich Village, New York City
1964-1973Madison Avenue and 75th Street, New York City
1970-1980West Broadway, Soho
1970-1980Toronto, Canada
1968-1978Mount Street, London
1973-1982Circle Fine Arts Corporation became exclusive agent for U.S.A. and during these nine years purchased all of Gino’s paintings, drawings and mixed media works on paper for resale through their twenty-plus Circle galleries, nationwide. There were a series of Hollander one man shows each year in a number of Circle Galleries.
SpainIn 1982, Gino and his wife established the Hollander Museum, which gained worldwide recognition and received considerable prime publicity including over 200 major articles, TV and video presentations, for the quality and effect of the Hollander Museum’s collection and display… of Spanish artifacts and Gino’s paintings…which were sold in partial defrayment of the cost of museum operations…it all was a superb critical success.
1986In 1986 The Showroom was founded by the late TV Sharp whom had been an avid collector of Gino’s art since the late 1960’s. Over the course of the remainder of his life continued to purchase over 400 pieces and selling thru The Showroom. The Showroom was purchased by Sandy Hubler in 2003 and the collection of Gino’s art had a new owner and The Showroom still remains open today. Sandy continued to purchase paintings from Gino until his later years. She still remains one of the largest private collectors Gino’s art.

Gino’s Artist Statement

“I chose painting for the oneness of the moment the medium can allow – the immediacy of expression. I find my deepest moments are of felling. It’s those moments I pain of and for…
The art of painting provides me with a constant mirror of my being – both successes and failures, the good moments and bad. I prefer to paint it all as it comes. Painting takes on a rhythm as breathing – loose, tight, whatever. Living and painting become one. I believe in a universality of art’s function, a heritage of involvement of everyone – the youngest to the oldest, the artist, the viewer – subliminal communication of feelings about the human condition…My paintings are expressly directed to evoke an emotional reaction from the viewer.”