Local Artists on Display in Little Rock, AR

The Showroom is your local destination for artwork in Little Rock, AR! We’re proud to display works from local artists of all types, in a range of mediums and subjects. Our 11,000-square foot showroom is filled with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are just waiting to be admired, purchased and displayed in the homes of art lovers throughout the area.

We feature around 30 different artists at any given time and welcome inquiries regarding placement in our art gallery in Little Rock, AR. We like to stay abreast of developments within the local art community and take pride in being a reputable gallery.

Deborah Poe

Bud Bell

Catron Wallace

Dan Thornhill

Doug Gorrell

Jan Gartell

Judy Vandergrift

Sheila Cotton

Tom Tull

Wayne Fowler

Types of Art We Carry

Art is anything that evokes emotion, which means virtually anything can be art! In the medium of paintings and drawings, there are certain styles and subjects that are widely recognized for their universal ability to speak to people and appeal to them. The Showroom is proud to display a wide range of high-end, larger pieces, depicting these styles.

Among our collection you’ll find art representing themes and motifs that are Modern, Abstract, Impressionist, Realism, Expressionism and more. In addition to paintings from these exceptional styles, we also have mixed media and sculpture pieces, along with other canvas work, boards and metals. We strive to bring our visitors a true gamut of art.

Buy for yourself or a friend

Our gallery is open to the public and we welcome visitors from all walks of life who are interested in observing and appreciating the art of others. We invite you to stop by, take a look around and, if you see something you like, ask us about bringing it home! Many of our customers buy a piece of beautiful artwork for their home, office or as a gift for someone else who will appreciate it.

For more information about the types of art we offer at our gallery or to inquire about the artists and mediums we currently have on display, please visit today or give us a call at 501-372-7373.